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Tele Caller Management
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Tele Caller Management
It helps customer service representatives to provide instant answers to customer enquiries. CloudCRM4 Tele caller management gives you complete insight into the nature of customers call.
Tele Caller Management
Key Features
1 Add and manage all call information with date, time, client details and route’s call to the right person
2 All inbound and out bond calls information gets stored in the Contact history database. This application helps to tracks time spent on each call
3 User can search a call history month wise and day wise by using client details. Notes can be added to each call history
4 All call histories can be viewed, edited and saved in this application. Call details can be edited by the administrator
5 Different office locations can be added in this application and all the call details can be viewed by office locations
6 All the calls can be sorted and saved by client wise, project wise and location wise. Reports can be generated by using the same criteria
7 User can follow up a call and save the information for future use. Follow up information can be added to the call history
8 Call histories can be made inactive and at a later stage can be suspended from this application.
User can follow
1 This application can be used at font office desk / office reception / call centers and BPO’s
2 Monitors all inbound and out bond calls received and made. Calls routed to employees are also saved here
3 Track customer’s calls or project related calls. This helps to tracks employee time spent on each client call
4 Multiple employees can enter call details simultaneously. Tracks employees call records and productivity
5 Fully customizable and scalable for any business requirement
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