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Hospital Management System
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Patient  Registration Patient Registration
In this application patient’s complete an relevant information is stored. This information is stored in the application with a unique patients ID number.
Doctor’s Appointment Management Doctor’s Appointment Management
Doctors Appointment Management is centralized online calendar which displays doctor’s availability and available slots at all time.
WARD / ROOM Management WARD / ROOM Management
Ward room management allows managing wards, rooms and beds in a hospital. Every functionality is dynamic here and helps to create and a lot a ward / room or bed to patient and services related to it.
Casualty Management Casualty Management
Hospital Casualty Management helps patients needing emergency medical services. All the services and information is tracked in this application.
OT Scheduler OT Scheduler
Operation Theater Scheduler helps to manage and schedule Operations / Surgeries for patients. This application checks the availability of OT and provides full information on it.
Billing Automation Billing Automation
Automate billing, invoicing, payments, receivables, and collections processes n your businesses. Billing automation application generates invoices automatically.
Employee Management Employee Management
Organize and manage employees. Add, manage employee details and save their designations.
Employee Pay roll Management Employee Pay roll Management
It helps to calculate employee salaries, tax deductions, administrating employee retirement benefits. The accounts department takes care of the payroll management in an organization.
Recruiting new employee’s management Recruiting new employee’s management
Recruiting Management helps hospitals in their recruiting process. It helps them to manage the hiring process on a single platform.
Internal messaging system Internal messaging system
Internal messaging system is a web based application which is a collaborative tool to interact with other employees.
Office Library Management Library Management
Our easy to use library management application helps organize, manage browse and locate books in your library.
Office Soft Files Backup Office Soft Files Backup
Office Soft Files Backup system is a file and folder backup utility. This will automatically and incrementally backs up your data on a routinely basis.
Consultant Time Management Employee Time Management
Employee Time Sheet management provides online time tracking for employees in Hospitals. It helps to reduce the time and cost of back office processing at the same time increases the quality of work.
Assets Management Assets Management
It helps in creating and managing a data repository of all the assets in your enterprise. You can track and manage any kind of asset in this application.
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