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Billing Automation
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Billing Automation (Quotations & Invoices)
Billing automation system helps in billing customer through online orders and invoices. This helps to manage the billing process with greater efficiency saving time and money.
Billing Automation (Quotations & Invoices)
Key Features
1 Create templates for all the services provided with their price
2 Set currencies to be used in this application
3 User can edit and copy a template for future use
4 Add new associate services and save their information
5 Create new client and save information
6 Create and send quotation to client
7 Add more then one services in quotations
8 Modify the pricing in Quotations, set discounts
9 All the quotations can be sent as a PDF file
10 Track pending, closed and deleted quotations
11 Follow up on Pending Quotations
12 Calculate service Tax and TDS
13 Create and send Invoice to client
14 Add more then one service in Invoice
15 Calculate discounts
16 Add Service Tax details, Pan number and account number details
17 Track pending, closed and deleted Invoices
18 Follow up on Pending Invoices
19 Generate reports
20 Email notifications
1 Increase revenue, decrease TCO
2 Enhance customer experience
3 Send invoices on a timely manner
4 Set discounts in quotations and Invoices to be send to clients
5 Track and follow up on quotations and invoices
6 Improve cash management
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