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Bulk E-Mail Management
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Bulk E-Mail Management
This is a powerful tool for bulk email marketing. Bulk email marketing or mass mailing is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Bulk E-Mail Management
Key Features
1 Send emails to multiple recipients
2 Add edit customers details to send emails for marketing campaigns
3 Categorize confirmed, interested and not interested customers
4 Create categories with customer type. Send bulk emails to customer categories separately
5 Email message composing is done with HTML editor with code access. Preview each email before sending
6 Email message is saved as email template. Create and customize multiple email templates
7 Send email messages with attachments and embedded images
8 Get message history like number of emails sent to a customer id. Add comment to customers details
9 Send instant email or SMS to an individual customer
10 Suspend an email template from the application
1 Our bulk email management helps to generate sales leads, helps in product publicity and company branding
2 Spreads updates and information on your company’s products and services. Sends newsletters for upgrading customer bonding
3 Helps constant customer engagement in your companies promotion activities
4 Reach thousands of customers with in a shot span and offers discount via emails
5 Fast and cost effective software for mass mailing and works on any web browser
6 Delivers easy and fast way to send email, fully customizable and scalable
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